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Thread: 24/48 to 16/44.1 does it improve cd?

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    24/48 to 16/44.1 does it improve cd?

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    I recorded several songs using 24/48.
    When I went to burn the CD, the burn app Nero did not recognize the files. I had to convert them to 16/44.1 first. So does it make a difference in the audio of the final cd tracks to record at the higher rates when its then converted back to 16/44.1? Maybe its not worth getting a fancy audio interface after all?
    thanks for any tips

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    I guess Nero doesn't render files -- it expects to have them already rendered as Redbook audio (ie 16/44.1, etc...)

    If you work in any format other than 16/44.1 (and you should be working at the very least at 24-bits for all production if you can), then the final step before burning an audio CD is rendering the mixes to Redbook spec. Often professional CD creation s/w such as Wavelab or CD Architect will do this, but apparently the consumer-oriented Nero will not.
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    I wouldn't want my CD burning software to do the convert. When going down to 16/44, this is when dither/noise-shaping is added. A most important process not to be trusted to the default "whatever" a consumer CD burner might do.
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