Finally i got my second interface running as a adat 8 channel extra output device ( Presonus studio 18/24) but i have a delayed playback of at least 110ms from that device.
The other "master" device is a Tascam us-20*20.
I want to use them as playback devices for my DAW for a analog mixdown on a console.
I am not talking about latency and buffer size, all plays back fine for now, its just that my extra 8 tracks are out of sync.
It does not matter how i sync both devices, also the presonus set as master wont change that delay.
Using the Tascam as a adat fails, i dont know why, it wont show up as 4 L/R adat devices in my audio control panel.
What to do ? 110ms is unaccepteble.