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Thread: Zoom MRS-802CD: How to delete tracks/make space?

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    Zoom MRS-802CD: How to delete tracks/make space?

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    Hi guys,

    I've been using the Zoom MRS-802CD multirecorder for a while now and the hard drive has finally reached capacity but I'm having issues deleting songs to make space.

    I've tried going through the Utilities function to delete individual tracks but this doesn't seem to free up any more space on the hard drive so I can make new music.

    Is there an easy way to delete an entire Project or even wipe the hard drive so I can start from scratch?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards

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    Hi, and welcome to the board. Two things:

    1. This is the analog forum, so you may have more luck if you post your question in another forum.

    2. Do you have the manual for the unit? I did a quick search for it and found it pretty quickly. I imagine it should tell you how to do what you're wanting to do.

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    on some of those things, like my Fostex MR8, deleting files does not free up space .... you have to actually reformat the drive ..... so if you're willing to completely wipe it, then simply reformat the drive.
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    The procedure is on Page 126 of the user manual. Erasing a Project.

    According to the manual, it will conpletely erase the project. You should back up any project to CD first if you don't want to lose the data. You can then restore it at a later time.

    You might also check on the Zoom forums about possibly replacing the hard drive with a microSD card. I know it has been done on the Yamaha AW16G and AW1600. The beauty of this upgrade is that you can swap out "drives" easily. They are using an IDE-SD converter that can be had for under $20. It also allows for increasing the storage capacity of the unit (from 40g to 64 or 128g). I don't have that Zoom, so I don't know what type of hard drive it has. If the Zoom uses a proprietary OS like the Yamaha, then you'll probably need a special CD with the OS on it to install.

    Good luck.

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