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Thread: Using Tascam 388 as front end for Tascam 38

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    Using Tascam 388 as front end for Tascam 38

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    I've seen previous posts and know it's possible, but how can the mixer on the 388 be used as a mixer for the T-38? If anyone has a clear explanation that would be amazing.


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    I'm not 100% sure this is right, as I don't have a 388, but I'll give it a shot.

    From what I can tell, the 388 has 8 individual program outs, which is quite awesome. That means you can send any channel to any of the 8 outputs. So you could mic up a drum kit with four mics, lets say, in channels 1-4, pan as you'd like, and send those channels to PRG 1 and 2.

    You would route the 8 PRG outs from the 388 to the inputs on the 38. So you'd be recording the drum kit (pre-mixed) to tracks 1 and 2 of the 38.

    Then you'd run the outputs from the 38 to the line inputs on the 388.

    As far as I can tell, when you're not recording, you'd have to unplug the mic cables from the 388 (I think) so you'd be able to hear the playback coming off the 38.

    If you wanted to overdub bass on track 3, for example, you could just plug into channel 8 on the 388, route that to PRG 3, and that would record to TRK 3 on the 38. You could keep using CH 8 on the 388 to make your overdubs without having to repatch anything until you needed to record on TRK 8.

    If you need to overdub on TRK 8, you could unplug the line in for CH 1, for instance, which would mean you'd only be hearing half of your drums (but that should be enough for overdubbing) and plug the mic cable in there (or the D.I. or whatever). Then you route than CH to PRG 8, and you'd good to go.

    For playback of the tracks off the 38, you would just assign the channels on the 388 to L/R (not PRG).

    I think that would work, but I may be off. Like I said, I'm no expert with the 388; someone else may be able to pipe in with more info.

    Good luck!
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    Yes, that should work or variations on a theme of what was explained.
    Why would you record music on a device designed to do word processing?

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