Hi, my TASCAM works fine, sounds beatiful, a good investment all in all, but there are a few problems, one that I canīt figure out has to do with channel 5.
The channel records and plays, but it will only playback in REMIX mode only as the monitor volumeknob do not seem to work when trying to playback the recorded track in recording mode. Also, whenever I activate the red rec button for channel 5 (right panel), the VU meter of channel five bangs into the red area and the peak light turns on,for just 1/10 of a second then the meter falls back in normal mode and the channel is ready to be recorded with no problems, and when I deactivate the red rec button, the same thing happens with the VU meter. Itīs only on channel 5 this happens.
Can someone identify this problem?? Should I devoid recording at all on track 5 since the repeated overload problem may harm the channel itself??
What do you think?
Thanks for any answer