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Thread: TSR8 rec head getting dirty quickly

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    TSR8 rec head getting dirty quickly

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    only after about 20 or so tracking passes channel 8 gets real low and dull. i clean the heads (w/ 90% rubbing alcohol) and it goes back to sounding good again. the cotton swab seems pretty dirty like its been much longer since ive cleaned the heads.

    the others might be getting affected too but i havent tracked on those since ive been working on my current project.

    the tape is RMG 911 that i bought new about 7 months ago and its been fine up until this last project.

    any ideas?? thanks!

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    Is there tape flaking off below the heads? Check the rollers and guides could be an alignment thing. Could be bad tape, too. Try another reel, see if it keeps up.
    Tascam TSR-8

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    Oxide tends to build up more on edge tracks. The TSR-8 head has relief slots on each end. Over time these could get caked with oxide, effecting one or both edge tracks. The sort of shedding experienced by some RMGI users is consistent with this sort of clogging.

    Use a wooden toothpick to scrape out the area near the edge tracks and then clean it again with Q-tip and alcohol. A lighted magnifying glass is recommended.

    You may have to change tape brand to Quantegy or NOS BASF/EMTEC.

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