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Thread: Trouble Digitizing Vinyl Using Recording Interface

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    Trouble Digitizing Vinyl Using Recording Interface

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    Hey all,

    I'm hoping to digitize some vinyl, and want to use my current turntable and recording setup to avoid buying a USB turntable.

    On the recording side, I've got Pro Tools running on a Mac, and an Apogee Quartet as my interface.

    On the playback side, I've got a Denon turntable going into an Onkyo receiver (which, ideally, I will replace with a good phono amp).

    I am using the tape out from the Onkyo, which I've confirmed works with a pair of speakers. (The speaker outs only accept speaker wire, but the tape out gives me RCA.)

    From there, I'm using RCA -> XLR adapters to get into the Quartet, and therein lies the problem (for multiple reasons, I know, but specifically, I get no signal). If I go from the Onkyo headphone out to the Quartet via TS cable, I get signal. But I don't want to do that because then I'm summing the left and right together.

    My only thought is that the headphone and tape outs deliver different levels, but if anything I'd think the headphone out level is higher, and thus if the Quartet accepts that, it should accept whatever is coming from the tape out.

    Lastly, I can confirm that the problem is at the input to the Quartet, rather than the monitoring out or with I/O settings in Pro Tools.

    Let me know your thoughts... Thanks!
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    You would be better off going from the RCA tape out using RCA to 6.5m jacks instead of XLR. The tape out delivers a line levels which is best suited with 6.5m going into the Apogee's combo inputs.

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