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Thread: Timeline micro lynx v lynx

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    Timeline micro lynx v lynx

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    What is the diffrence between the micro lynx and the lynx? i want to sync my tascam msr16 tape to logic with logic as the master. i know i can do this with the micro lynx but can i do it with the lynx?

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    Do you mean the Lynx I or the Lynx II?

    The Lynx I is pretty hardcore - you have to really, really know what you're doing to make them work. I have a pair of them and have never, ever been able to make them sync properly. I think part of the problem is that the MK-I is only able to handle the 37-pin parallel protocol. I eventually gave up and brought a TASCAM sync which can speak the serial protocol used by the TSR-8 (and MSR-16). They make excellent timecode readers/regenerators, though.

    Different ROM versions are able to handle different sets of machines. Interestingly, I have just realised that one of mine does support 'tAS-Sr16' - the other only supports 'tASC-40' 50 and 60. Maybe if I had duplicated the ROM from the more modern unit, I would have been able to get it going...

    Be aware that to drive a machine with a Lynx I, you must construct the necessary control cable. Forget about buying one, it ain't happening - the Lynx uses a weird 3-level 50-pin connector that was a pain to get hold of and even more pain to solder together. Then you must wire it up to the appropriate 37-pin connector. There are different schematics for each machine it can talk to (which includes a number of 1" C-format video machines by the way).

    In truth, I am not 100% sure that you can use a single Lynx to do what you need. They predate MIDI so obviously you'll have to generate a timecode with Logic, and get it to output that on track 16 or 24 or whatever.
    Since it can't accept two timecodes, you will probably need two lynxes - one to track Logic, and the second one to actually drive the deck. They are connected together via an RS422 cable. If you can get Logic to spoof the appropriate commands and send them into the Lynx via some kind of USB-RS422 bridge, you might be able to do it with just one. Do you have the software and hardware to do this?

    Sorry if this comes across as a downer, but I know from bitter experience that the Lynx I is a very tough beast to handle :P

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    If I were you, and this is based on personal experience, I'd get a Micro Lynx. The Swiss Army Knife of synchronizers...relatively a cinch to use, very flexible, VERY powerful, VERY well made, and is a sync champion. I should have NEVER tried to cut corners...the bees knees of synchronizers.

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