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Thread: TF Rack to Tascam Recorder

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    TF Rack to Tascam Recorder

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    I have a Yamaha TF Rack for a mixer and am trying to hook the mix to the inputs of my TASCAM 222CC tape and CD Recorder. I have 2 trs to dual outlets. Can anyone direct me on how to set this up so I can record from the mixing console.

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    Can you clarify what you mean by “2 trs to dual outlets”?

    If the main outs on the Yamaha TF Rack mixer are TRS, and the inputs on the Tascam 222 are RCA, you just need a pair of TRS or TS to RCA cables, or a pair of TRS to TRS cables or TS to TS cables with 1/4” to RCA adapters.

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    A quick look on the web reveals to me that the Yamaha has XLR outputs. The Tascam has RCA inputs.

    Therefore you would need XLR to RCA leads. You can do this fairly easily be getting RCA to RCA leads and a couple of RCA to XLR adapters

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