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Thread: Teac 80-8 dropouts and tremolo

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    Teac 80-8 dropouts and tremolo

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    I'm a proud owner of a Teac 80-8, so far I have
    1. Cleaned
    2. Bought a MRL tape and aligned reproduce, record and Bias (to the best of my abilities) - Haven't been able to work with azimuth because of lack of scope
    3. Bought a new RMGI 911 tape

    It seems to be working reasonably well with a few problems.

    1.When I record a sustained acoustic guitar chord, on playback it sounds like it has a tremolo on it.

    2. It has occasional dropouts on the NORMAL head, not so much on the MONITOR head.

    3. Channel 8 seems to have no high end response

    Any help would really be appreciated

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    For an analog tape deck, "tremelo" = "wow and flutter". You may need to go through the tape path a piece at a time, and chase down the offending part (rollers, tape guides, perhaps even an errant capstan).

    On a machine of that vintage, don't count on the heads being in any great shape. The Teac 1/2" 8-track format machines were used in lots of different ways, by people who may or may not have kept up maintenance.

    Here's a link to the 80-8 service manual .pdf!

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