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Thread: Tascam multitrack setup

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    Tascam multitrack setup

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    Newbee to the site so please bear with me. I just acquired a Tascam Tsr16 & m-520 mixer and need advice on how to wire them up together in the most useful way for multutrack recording without doing a lot of repatching on a patchbay, in other words I need a diagram.I had a 8trk recorder & a small mixer 30 yrs ago so I have some limited experience with recording. thanks ,Wshful

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    Tascam used to have pretty good diagrams in the manual

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    If it was me I would do it this way...

    Look at the back of the see there are two sets of jacks for the PGM BUSS outputs 1-8? I would connect the first set of output jacks 1-8 to MSR-16 inputs 1-8, and the second set of M-520 outputs 1-8 to MSR-16 inputs 9-16.

    Then I would connect the MSR-16 outputs 1-16 to M-520 TAPE IN jacks 1-16.

    Does that make sense?

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