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    “C48” indicates a capacitor, not a resistor. Are you saying that those channels are missing a capacitor, or that all your other channels have a resistor where there should be a capacitor?

    On channels 14 & 15 C48 is the input coupling cap for the TAPE IN input. It is connected to pin 5 of U2, the input buffer amp for the TAPE IN input. You want to have it there. Signal won’t pass from that input to the channel unless the cap was removed and a jumper put in its place, and even if that’s the case the coupling cap’s purpose is to block DC, so if it is not installed, depending on the source, there could be DC artifacts present which are not desirable.

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    How right you are. Dunno why I thought it was a resistor. Yes, the channels are missing a capacitor, there is nothing in that spot. That would likely explain my lack of signal flow, although I seem to remember it also happening with a mic input as well.

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