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Thread: tascam 688 users?

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    tascam 688 users?

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    Hi, I'm trying to see if there are any knowledgable 688 users on this forum who might be able to help me figure this beast out... yes, I have the manual but after messing with it for the past year and still not getting very far I thought I might turn to the internet for help... looking for someone who I can maybe IM with or email specific questions... would be VERY grateful

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    post your questions here (no IM please) and I'll try to answer them...there are a few people on this board using the 688 actually so you have more chance getting the right answer if you post here...

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    I agree. This is a perfectly appropriate place to post specific questions, and then the Q&A can benefit all. I'll help where I can as well. I don't own a 688, but I have worked a lot with my 424 and a 488 and I have studied the 688 manual that I have and am familiar with the electronic patchbay and the physical mixer routing and all, so bring it on!

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