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Thread: Tascam 644 Portastudio as mixer for Reel to Reel?

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    Tascam 644 Portastudio as mixer for Reel to Reel?

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    Would it be possible to use a portastudio as a mixer for a reel to reel? I have the 644 and it has 4 buss outputs, 4 tape outputs, and each input/channel has an insert jack for sending/receiving effects (it uses a Y- cable). And if so would it be better to use the 4 buss channels and split them or should I use the effect insert? Thanks for any help! I'm repairing and old reel to reel and don't want to have to get a new mixer unless I really have to.

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    No need to buy a mixer. I group things into the 4-buss, but do whatever suits you

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