I recently bought a Tascam 44-OB & 42B-NB, both came rack mounted to carts and with full service manuals. The 44 has both RCA & XLR in/outs, but the 42B has only XLR. It appears that later 42B's did away with the RCA & Punch-in ports. There is instead a stereo 1/4" port marked "Test Out" and switches that can change the XLR ports from balanced to unbalanced, yet they remain at a +4 level either way according to the manual.

Question 1: On the 44 I would like to record (or playback) all 4 channels at once from/to a PC and was hoping someone can recommend a soundcard or audio interface or whatever that will do the trick? Preferable with XLR ports so I can use it with the 42B as well. I'm using Cool Edit Pro on the PC.

Question 2: Is it OK to connect -10 (RCA) to +4 (XLR) levels or is it just better to get a level interface like the Tascam LA-40 to match levels and impedance? I think I know what the answer is, but I would like to hear what people have done.

Thanks for your help,