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Thread: TASCAM 388_Is this possible

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    TASCAM 388_Is this possible

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    Hi there, trying to figure out a way to pingpong tracks with effects.
    I think that Ive understanded that there is impossible to do so with the usual ping-pong method, as the effects is AFTER the track faders in the signal chain.

    I know that a great way would be to mix down (up to 8) tracks w/effects to a stereo track on a mixdown deck, stand alone cd burner or such, and then record it back on channel 7&8 on the 388, and use the remaining 6 tracks to record the rest of the arrangement.
    Which method would be preferred in this scenario, cd or analog two-tracker?

    Is it possible to connect the stereo out to a mixer and record the mixer OUTPUT to two free LINE IN jacks on the 388 as you are doing the mixdown.??

    I know my language is bad, and my newbie knowledge may tempt you to laugh, but I dont really get this.

    Thank You

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    I recently got a 388 and the recordings have been going great, but I've yet to use the outboard effects gear I've got... and I eagerly await responses to your question!

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