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Thread: Tascam 388 Prices?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gobbltygoop View Post
    ... there weren't many other quality 8-tracks available in my area... the end, it's your choice, your decision...and sometimes you pay a little extra not for any added quality, but just for the convenience and to meet certain expectations.

    I am a bit surprised that in in California...and especially so close to Frisco, where there are a lot of musicians and studios...that there weren't more options for you.
    I would bet that CA has more recording gear than the rest of the world combined.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gobbltygoop View Post
    Alright y'all, don't kill me...I ended up getting a 388 locally for $1700. The awesome dude that sold it to me is the second owner and just had it serviced. He gave me all the snake cables, controller and manual and stuff, as well as about $300 worth of drum machines and MIDI controllers, for free. .
    Enjoy! Sounds like a good deal to me

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