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Thread: Tascam 388 bouncing to Pro Tools Panning Issue

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    Tascam 388 bouncing to Pro Tools Panning Issue

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    I recently purchased a Tascam 388. The machine is working well as far as recording playback etc. However, I am trying to bounce the tracks from the tape machine to pro tools via the tape outs in the back of each channel through a focusrite interface and am running into an issue. The tracks bounce into pro tools but once they are in pro tools they only come through the center and the left. i.e. there is nothing in the right channel regardless of how each channel is panned (I've tried recording into protools with the panners above each fader panned every different way). My only thought right now is that I need to use the PGM busses for each channel and then to record out via the PGM outs but I don't have the RCA cables necessary right now and was hoping someone could tell me whether this is correct before I purchase the cables or whether I am simply misusing the tape outs somehow? I have also tried through an Apogee into Logic and am encountering the same problem.


    Also new to this forum so I hope this is the correct place for this question.

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    Does your interface have enough analog inputs to get all 8 tracks into the daw at the same time? If so, wouldnt it just be a matter of arming 8 mono tracks in PT?

    I'm not that familiar with the 388 but dedicated tape outs should have nothing at all to do with panning. It's just outputting what is on that track. Panning is a mixer function.

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    The 8 tape outputs are mono. If you are having a problem with stereo field it would have to be in your DAW, since the tape outs 1~8 on the 388 are each mono outputs. Maybe I'm not understanding what your issue is?

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    It sounds like you're recording from only the first or left side input of your interface (mono signal) onto a stereo track in PT, after recording in PT is it a stereo waveform with audio on the left side only and flat lined on the right?

    As RFR mentioned recording all 8 tracks from the 388 onto 8 mono tracks in PT in one pass is the way to go.

    It's a major PITA to try to line up all the tracks correctly in DAW software if they are each recorded in separate passes from an analog multitrack tape machine, because the tape machine will not playback at exactly the same speed each time it plays the tape.

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