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Thread: Tascam 38 - mixer/preamp questions

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    Tascam 38 - mixer/preamp questions

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    Looks like I am getting a Tascam 38-8. I wanted to know thoughts on what mixer would most compatible. I have a Mackie 1202VLZ which I've been using with my 4-track Teac and like it but figure there are better choices out there. Also, what about a compatible pre-amp? I usually record drums with a three-mic setup. Also bass and guitar tracks. Vintage guy all the way in terms of gear.
    The other question is: IF I want to dump all 8 tracks after recorded on the 38, what intermediate device can I buy that will take the 8 tracks (rendered) one- by one, synced of course, so I can then drop them down in an outside digital studio. Someone told me the Tascam DP-008 would work. Any thoughts?
    Thanks much for any input.

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    At a minimum an 8x4 (8 input 8 tape return, 4 output buss) mixer. Search the threads here, there are a lot of Teac/Tascam or Fostex that would be fine, e.g. a Fostex 450, Tascam 312 (12x4) etc etc.

    Also, not clear on what you mean by
    (rendered) one- by one, synced of course, so I can then drop them down in an outside digital studio
    If you're talking about digitizing the eight tracks all at once and into a PC, you need a digital interface something with 8 inputs like a Delta 1010 or an Echo Layla.

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