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Thread: Tape Suppliers U.k.

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    Tape Suppliers U.k.

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    Hi I have just joined this site. Never knew it existed so I am passing the word around of it. With the situation at the moment with Quategy, I wondered if any members know of U.K.based Reel tape suppliers. I only know of Stanley Productions who seem to be hiking prices up rediculously and Pro Tape who have run out of all reel tape. Maybe things will get better in a few months now Quantegy has been bought.I am certainly not paying Stanleys prices I will have to sell up my tape deck. Analog Ears

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    I have used StudioSpares:
    and River Pro Audio:

    ..though I notice today that River has an empty list when you go to their tape section. I'm not buying tape right now, but if you feel like asking, I'd be interested to know when they expect to have some in stock again

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