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Thread: Suggestions for buying a tape recorder/deck

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    Suggestions for buying a tape recorder/deck

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    I'm looking to buy a tape recorder for recording quick demos and jams at home. Preferably I don't want to spend more than $150. I'm just going to plug it into the tape loop on my mixer, so a built-in mixer isn't necessary, but I wouldn't mind having one. Whether its rack-mounted or table-top doesn't really matter...i just need a tape recorder.

    Any Ideas?

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    Sorry ... to clarify ... are you looking specifically for a cassette recorder, a reel-to-reel, or either?

    For a cassette recorder, I'm recommend a Tascam 112 or 122. They're awesome decks, and you can find them used in your price range.

    For a reel-to-reel, I'd look at maybe a Fostex E2 or a Fostex 20. I think you could find them as well in your price range. You may be able to find a Tascam 22-2 for that as well.

    None of these options would have built-in mixers, and (I believe) they all have the option of rackmount or not.
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    Not sure what part of Tenn you're in but here's what I would be looking at, if you're close by:

    It's a bit of a gamble but I bet it's only a control belt that's broken and that can be bought cheap from TASCAM. Capstan belt too while you're at it. I'd also check if the pinch roller is in good condition. I'd offer the guy half his asking price. Amazing deal even if it needs minor servicing.

    Another one, a bit lower on the food chain is this:

    Again, I'd offer half his asking price.

    Now, here's a bad ass, the ultimate "portastudio" and if in good cond, you can probably safely walk away with it for 150 or less. I'd be all over this one:

    Remember, "local" is your best friend.

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