I'm selling a Tascam 38 in perfect condition. It'll be up on ebay in a little while if there are no takers here, but I wanted to let you guys know first (it would ease my mind to know that it's going to a good home.) I'll have some photos up soon. Before I sell it I'll be giving it a thorough checkup and sending the roller to Terry to be redone. I'll be sending it via FedEx in its original box with an additional box of peanuts around it, so you can be sure it's going to arrive in one piece. No DOA/as advertised guarantee for 7 days after it arrives- if something is wrong I'll refund the full purchase price less the cost of shipping it back.

I'm asking $650 for the tape deck, original manual in perfect shape, and punch in pedal, or $550 for just the deck.