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Thread: Sony 600 tube deck

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    Sony 600 tube deck

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    So here's one for you guys...a couple years ago, I got a Sony "600 Stereo" (aka TC-600) 1/4" consumer-level tube reel to reel free from a friend. 3.75ips/7.5ips, 3 heads, single motor...As I recall it powered up and rolled tape at first for a while, and eventually got to where it only worked for a few seconds before the machine lost electrical power... *byyyoooopp*

    I got busy with other things and tossed it the "some other time" storage pile.

    Well, it's some other time and I've been thinking it might be an amusing "rainy Sundays" type project to fix up and mod it to use as some sort of tape delay

    The heads aren't great, but surprisingly enough they seem to have a little life left...of course it sounds like it probably needs a re-cap, which won't be so bad as long as I can get replacements of the right type, size and values, and it will need a thorough cleaning and reconditioning inside and out, though I wouldn't go so far as to take it completely apart and recondition each part, not worth it... I nuts? Worth a little "fun-time" hassle? I gotta say a tube analog tape delay deck would be an amusing studio gimmick What's the scoop on these decks? Gotta be early/mid 60's?

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    Yeah - that could be fun. I would suspect the belts, though if I read your description right. Without those it's going to be a very, very long delay...

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