Alright, so this band I recorded a few months ago had some other guy do the mastering. Sounds okay but suffers from the classic problem of digital mastering for everyone but the very best ME's: slightly hyped and plastic like highs and high mid.

So can any of you send it through a two track of yours and back to WAV at 88200/24 bit? Would make me really happy. Think the guys can pay about 25 pounds for it, so its not a lot but it's a nice EP and an easy job.

Only demands besides 88200/24 is that it's a half track machine, runs at 15 IPS (or 30 if it doesn't screw the low end) and that it's fairly conservative levels. I buried the meters already so no need to overdo it and I'd like to keep the majority of the treble
Anyway, most of you got good ears and know your machine. Let me know, could be awesome :-)