Hello HomeRecording.com!

I have been a huge fan of this forum for a very long time now, and I truly owe a lot to this forum. It was such an incredible help for me (especially in the beginning of my audio career). However, I have always been a reader, and not really a poster. But, I really wanted to share something with you all, that I figured you, or your clients may be interested in...

Back in March, I started a company where we do short run vinyl records for bands, artists, labels, etc. Our records are cut in high quality, and sound just as good as pressed records, but we have no minimum order, and a pretty fast turnaround time (especially compared to pressed records' turnaround time).

I know for most local bands, it is damn near impossible to get records made, because you have to buy at least 200-300 records, which is a ridiculous amount to sell if you are not a full time touring band. So I am currently trying to bridge that gap.

Every record is cut in real time, so however long the record actually is, is how long it takes to cut just 1 record. It is a very slow, labor intensive process, but hey, you can make as little as 1 record if you want!

If you, or any of your clients would be interested in my service, let me know! I will leave a few links below for you to check out.

Here is a link to our website:
Little Elephant Lathe Cuts - HIGH QUALITY LATHE CUT RECORDS. Toledo OH

Here is a video where I explain our process, and why we are able to cut high quality records:
Little Elephant Lathe Cuts - Short Run Vinyl Records - YouTube

Also, my email is LittleElephantLatheCuts@gmail.com if you have any questions!

Thank you!