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Thread: Scored a like-new 22-4

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    Scored a like-new 22-4

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    Bought off Ebay for a BIN of $150. The seller said it had about 10 hours of use total. Probably not far from the truth. It has one scratch, but other than that it is very clean.

    Put an MRL test tape on and it's response was excellent. +/- no more than 2db from 32hz to 16khz on playback. Records fine on all channels. No pots are scratchy. Channel 1 VU is slightly off, but it's off by the same amount throughout the spectrum, so I think it's just the meter itself.

    Now I have two 22-2's, and a 22-4.

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    Congrats on the 22-4 its a great machine. I love my 22 series units

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