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Thread: Right channel overpowering left

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    Right channel overpowering left

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    I recorded all the music on one of my songs and polished it to my preference. I sent the output of my mixer to my 3340 and as I was listening back to it I noticed the right side was much louder than the left. The controls on my 3340 were at the same level. So I disconnected the headphones on the 3340 and plugged them into my mixer and the mix was equal on both.

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    Could be just the L/R balance on headphone jack at the 3340...?

    The best way to pinpoint that kind of stuff is by using some calbrated source/method...otherwise, as you interconnect multiple items, poosibly each with their own pots/'s not enough to just line up their "0" markings and assume you are equal.

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