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Thread: Revox B77 Record Problem

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    Revox B77 Record Problem

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    I am having a problem with my revox B77 while recording. If I playback a pre recorded tape, it sound clean and noise free. If I make a new recording and play it back, at the beginning both sides sound clean and noise free. After about 30 mins, one side starts to have some noise(frying sound) and it gets worse. The other side remains noise free. What could be the cause. Please assist.



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    The likely cause is a noisy transistor in the offending recording amplifier but such a fault can only be found by a systematic approach with a scope or a signal tracer. You might be lucky and find it with a can of freezer?

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    I'd agree with Dave - a noisy transistor is most likely. While the machine is being serviced I would also recommend replacing any of the transparent Rifa capacitors in there if they haven't been changed already as they're almost certainly going to start smoking at some point in the next few years.
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