I'm stuck and trying to understand the cause of the following problem: I have a Revox B215 which stops randomy in FF / REV modes.

So far I did the following:
- Recaping the power supply / control board (the one with the three MAB 8440 chips)
- Recaping the daughter board (capstan driver)
- Replacing the four 47K trimmers R15...R18 (before the LM339)
- Cleaning the infrared sensors
- Checking that I get low/high states on the four IR sensors while rotating the reel motors manually
- Adjusting the four 47K trimmers (R15...R18), which adjusted at around 9-10 o'clock instead of the usual near-middle position.

Playback works although there is some wow due to weak pinch rollers. No random stop in this mode.

Any hints welcome, hoping the MAB chip (IC8) isn't faulty.

Thanks !
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