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Thread: Reel to reel enthusiasts are going to be mouth watering for this

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    Reel to reel enthusiasts are going to be mouth watering for this

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    I believe there's been some preliminary buzz about that awhile ago...and most likely, those decks will be targeted for the audiophile stereo crowd...(think big $$$).
    Yeah...they do mention the "start of a new product line"...but I'm not seeing them churning out 1.) home rec multitracks machines at a reasonable price, as most home rec guys complain about used deck prices when they exceed $300... ...and 2.) I don't see them churning out pro-level multitrack decks in the 1" 2" formats....
    ...but hey, I could be wrong.

    There's also that "where to buy tape" thing...and the only two manufacturers charge very high pricess for blank again, I see this more for the crowd who wants to play back pre-recorded 2-track what you see over on the Tape Project Forum. Tape Project Forum - Index

    Even looking at the close-up pic of the faceplate...there's only bare-minimum controls...which to me...further indicates these are more for audiophile playback.

    But hey...nothing bad about a new tape deck line coming out... might at least generate some I interest again in tape on a broader scale.

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    It looks a lot like the love child of a Revox B77 and a Lyrec FRED. The lack of VU meters unsettles me and the fact that it uses a pinch roller is irritating as well - I was hoping for something more ATR-like since the capstan/pinch roller system seems to be the main source of woe in reel-to-reel decks. Even so, this is rather cool and at the very least means more Revox parts on the spares market.

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    A lot of the "home recorders" that are complaining are the old guys who paid that much for a tape deck in the 60's-are completely unaware of inflation-$300 in 1965 dollars equates to $2267.92.These are the same guys that balk at a $500 repair charge for 6-8 hrs labor...

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