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Thread: Reel to reel advice

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    Reel to reel advice

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    Hey everyone

    Please bare with me as i am an amateur with analog gear lol.

    I've purchased a TEAC A-3340S at a cheap price with the sole purpose of me buying a reel to reel was to "dirty" up the final mixes of my tracks, but as ive done more research into reel to reels i've seen that maybe a 2 track reel to reel wouldve been the better option, is this totally true? can the teac still do the job for me.


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    I dunno..if it has been neglected maybe it could dirty it up on 7.5ips but I LOVED the clean warm sound of my 3340S...a Goodwill consumer quarter-track running at 3 3/4ips might be more the trick. You can give the 3340S to me.

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