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Thread: Randall RM12-2 stereo mixer

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    Randall RM12-2 stereo mixer

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    I'm not sure if this is the place for this post, but anyway...

    I have an opportunity to buy this mixer, but I know nothing about it. Can anyone here give me some information. I've searched the internet and keep coming up short. The best that I can tell it was made in 1977.

    Any help would be appreciated.



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    Thumbs up Randall RM12-3 mixer

    Hi I owned one of these for almost 25 years ,bought it form a music store back in 1980 . Its been a good mixer and randall seemed to get it right with this unit It does a good good on mixing all the sounds right for good recordings and has old school reverb. I used mine as a mixer with a teac 3340S machine and had great recordings. I out grew it and had to upgrade to a 24 channel ramsa. I still have the 12-3 in my setup as a sub mixer for drum machines,. I only had one problem with it the op-amps on the inputs started to get noisy but their still avalible today and very cheap( mouser electronics .67 each) and are pluged into sockets so change out was easy. I would not sell this it still to clean of sound to replace and I dont like the british sound boards that have flooded the market sound to cheap and tinny.
    If you bought this unit you should be happy with it as long as it wasnt abused
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