I'm looking for some advice.

I've recently gone back to mastering my stuff to a Roland CD-2. I had one knocking around and now that I'm using the Yamaha O2R to mix stuff from the Fostex G24S, it makes sense to wire the CD-2 up to the desk's 2-track facilities.

Anyhow, I noticed a CD-2 machine listed on Ebay as a parts / repairs only. I won the bidding at 33 inc postage. Ive just taken it apart, and found that the most likely cause for the non-working unit is damage to the power board. The external power supply actually works (as tested on my working machine) so all I can imagine is that the previous owner plugged in the wrong power supply to the unit. As you can see in the pics, the damage is quite severe since Roland I don't think have designed this board with a fuse. I've removed a transistor from the place that is the blackest. It looks like this is a double surface board as there are miniature components on the top too (is that right?). I've also removed a large cap (16V - 2200uF) as it looked blown at the base. The only other obvious component damage is next to the connector socket that must carry some power to the next board I assume as the 4 wires leading to the next board are red,black, black and yellow.
There is a marking of 'L112' so I presume a miniature 'inductor'? was there.

So the question is....is it worth fixing or just shelve it and use as a parts if mine goes awry?

I don't want to take my machine apart but think I would have to ascertain for certain what the parts are and where the burnt out tracks go.

Is it likely that damage could have gone further than this board or does the disintegration of L112 suggest the damage is contained within this board?

Is it usual for manufacturers not to design some kind of safety fuse in case someone pops in the wrong power supply? These units were originally around 500 and it just seems stupid to me that a fuse or diode isn't put front end to protect the unit?