so I was in this mood to write alot of music but didnt have anything good to record to. Had to choose between crappy sound card and crappy old tascam porta one. (with an assload of head wear and only one channel worked).

I am posting this 1 min clip of a song done on the 4 track can anyone maybe point me in the right direction on cleaning and eq'ing this thing.

I used a at4050 mic and a RNP preamp, no compression or eq, straight to portaone. the dbx on this dinosaur was broke so it is noisy, and only one channel worked so guitar and vocals where on one track. I know many of you will say just rerecord the stuff but I want to use this as some learning experience cause I have lots of freinds who has similair recordings.

here is the clip the low end is muddy as hell.

one more thing , I am planning on buying a track reel to reel to record on cause my tax refund finally came back. Can anyone suggest one that doesnt will not have no where near this much noise as the portaone?