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Thread: please explain to me the whole Quantegy situation

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    please explain to me the whole Quantegy situation

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    i'm am going to give my theory as a digital (it's what i can afford) 17 year old home recorder.

    last month, Quantegy was the last available analog tape facility. they were producing quality tape for producers everywhere. a couple weeks ago, they closed their doors, meaning that whatever tape was produced up to that time, was the last available analog tape. and now home reccers are scrambling to get all of the tape they can. has anyone stepped in and said, we will start making tape, or are analog reccers stuck between a rock and a hard place
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    Fresh, new tape will be rolling by March or April from either Quantegy, ATR services or both.


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    The Future of Analog Tape?
    Wednesday, January 12, 2005

    It has been widely reported on the Internet that Quantegy, Inc. has shut its doors and ceased production during a temporary lay-off. We have received hundreds of calls and emails looking for more information. At this point it is hard to separate fact from rumor, but this is what we know to be true as of today:

    1) Quantegy has indeed shut its doors and temporarily laid off most of its staff pending restructuring.

    2) Plans are in place to restructure the Opelika facility and continue to produce the profitable tape lines and hard drives, possibly under a new brand name.

    3) Last year, Quantegy reported total sales of about 30M.

    It is our belief that the Opelika facility will be producing product in the near future, but what kind and how much is still undetermined. The tremendous response to this news in the recording community has only reinforced the fact that analog recording is still very much alive and that there is still an incredible demand for analog tape.

    ATR Services has been quietly working on a new line of analog tape for the past year. We are currently in the R&D stages of production, and hope to have wide-scale beta testing in place by the summer. Be assured that analog tape will continue to be made no matter what the outcome of the Quantegy restructuring but please be patient, as we will not have any news on formulation or format until we are further along in the testing process.

    Thank you to all of the clients, colleagues and friends who have offered your support and commitment to analog recording during the last few days.

    Happy New Year and get back to making music!

    The ATR team

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