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Thread: Playback 4 track on an 8 track?

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    Playback 4 track on an 8 track?

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    I've recently been having lots of fun converting the band's 30 year-old "masters" from cassette and 1/4" tape to CD. Some old studio tapes have surfaced that are 1/2" and may be 4 track, 8 track or both. I could have someone else do the conversion, but I enjoy doing it so I'd like to buy a 1/2" reel to reel.

    If I buy an eight track machine, will it playback 4 track recordings without any loss? I'm concerned that the tracks may have gaps between them that result in signal loss. If it does work, am I correct in assuming Track1 of a four track would occupy Tracks 1&2 of an eight track, etc.?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Yes. An 8 track half inch should do the trick for you. There is a very thin guard band in-between the chanels so, there will be a tiny loose but it shouldn't be anything to be overly concerned about.

    If the tapes are 4 track, track 1 would occupy the space of tracks 1 & 2 on an 8 track.

    You might also have to get some dbx nr units with the machine if the original tapes used that noise reduction as well.

    Cheers and good luck with your project!

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