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Thread: Pinch roller replacement on Tascam 244

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    Pinch roller replacement on Tascam 244

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    I wanted to jot down my ongoing experiences with this machine and hopefully help out any others out there who find themselves in the same predicaments.
    For the pinch roller, I ordered an aftermarket roller from Slovakia against the wisdom that so many others have displayed on gearslutz. To my amazement it worked fine without wow or flutter issues. I dropped in a 13mm by 8mm by 2mm roller.
    Now for the e-clip that holds the pinch arm into the transport assembly, of course it flew off never to be seen again.. However, a quick trip to my local auto center (Advanced Auto). I found a multi-pack of retaining clips in varying sizes. One of which fit like a glove.
    I have not had much luck in finding this information throughout the webs, so I thought I should preserve it here! Thanks for reading. Any similar stories anybody wants to share?

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    Hey, while researching I found the page Tascam Ninja. I'm not allowed to post links, because I'm a new user but search the site, so google for Tascam Ninja and on the site follow the sideman on the left site to the bottom. It has a lot of stuff for a lot of Tascam Machines like your 244 and of course the Pinch roller!

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