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Thread: My new TASCAM 388 (continues....)

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    My new TASCAM 388 (continues....)

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    Hi, this seems to be a really active place and the post I wrote yesterday day is already way DOOooown on the page, so I decided to make a new thread. Well Im in desperate need of your help guys, shame on me, heres what Ive wrote as an answere to my earlier thread


    Thanxs for the answers, Ill take your advice about the loose sockets a reel person, and thanks for the info about patchbays.

    Ill try to reseat the ch.6-8 audio card, but before Ill do that, I think I need a little tips on how to do that properly without any risk to damage the unit.

    I have also found more errors on the machine thatll need to get fixed. Ive noticed that the monitor pan/gain controls doesnt work on channel 5.
    I can record and hear the track while recording, but when I playback I hear nothing, only when I go to remix mode and have the red L/R assign switches down, then I hear it all perfectly. So there must be something with the Monitor Pot(s) on that channel.

    there is also some problems with the left pinch roller. Sometimes when I ff for a while and press stop, it makes some noice as it stops, it looks like its somewhat a little bit loose and shaking a little bit. I also noticed that the left wheel is a little bit windy when it moves, not as stable as the right reel.
    Im pretty sure Ive threaded the tape correct, using the left as feeder reel, but it packs the tape very uneven, actually I think it touches the flanges slightly. How can I try to fix this??? btw. Im using maxell XL1 35-90B tape, or maxell UD 35-90, Im not wuite sure, I got a lot of used boxes and the model doesnt show on the plastic reel.

    Before Ill use this machine to record stuff with my band I need to know that its in good shape and I would really want to do some kind of calibration. Ive read through the manual and realised that its quite a tough job to do the complete calibration without basic knowledge of electronics. Its especially hard for me because of the fact that its not written in my native language. Is there a quick calibration method, just to check the most basic stuff??

    Ill try to post some pictures of the heads, which I think are in good shape.
    I connected the studio 8 to another tape player (ONKY TA-2026,1985) and pushed REC on both the tape deck and the studio 8, i then played some chords on a clavinet connected to the studio 8, and then rewinded the tape and rehearsed the recorded signal. Everything was recorded by the tape deck and when I compared the unrecorded line signal vs the recorded signal, I couldnt hear any difference in the freq. response. That would at least indicate that the tape heads are in decent shape at least??

    Im really thankful for any advice, and Im hoping a lot for you to answer as I know you guys really know this machine...
    thank you and have a great day

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    IMHO, it's futile to offer any "band aid" approach to fixing this 388, as it most likely has more severe problems, probably due to a shipping mishap or a drop. I would get a technician to look over your unit carefully.

    As I remember, you also had issues with connectors in the back falling off, correct?

    Again, this is not a simple alignment / calibration issue. You most likely have internal damage which needs to be looked into.

    If you can, get some good photos of the problems you're experiencing and perhaps we can chime in more.

    With regard to the re-sitting of the cards, just take the top of the meter bridge off and I think there's a metal bracket holding the cards. Take that out too and try very gently, carefully [pulling up only] to pull the cards out and then back again.

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    Hate to say this... but maybe you have a parts carcass.

    You might want to track down another deck in better shape.

    Are you prepared to throw hundreds of dollars at this deck?

    speaking from experience.
    whatever it is...i'm against it.

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