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Thread: My 312 B arrived last night

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    Smile My 312 B arrived last night

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    and there are a few issues with it. First of all, the seller said there would be a manual but alas, it was not in the box. He emailed saying he forgot it and would send it. Three of the meter lights are out. He claimed they worked before shipping. Can shipping really damage them that they go out. The stereo button on channel 7 will not go back into up position. Is there a fix for this? And finally, the headphone amp would not work; however, when it rapped it underneath the jack it came on and then went off again. Is there a fix for this?

    Thanks again for the info. Ghost and Reel person have been instrumental in my choosing the 312b for my 38. I think I have read just about every post they have on the subject!!

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    Arrow Well,...


    Shipping can damage the VU bulbs (and fuses).

    There's no surefire method to getting a stuck button up, just to fiddle with it or perhaps in the worst cases attack the channel strip from the bottom of the unit,... meaning a significant teardown process which one should try to avoid. See if you can unstick the button with an Xacto blade, or something.

    The headphone circuit is another matter. You may have an oxidized connector or intermittent solder joint. Dirt and oxide can mess with connections over time, but it's usually not the end of the world. Some intermittents due to oxide can be worked in. To really inspect the connector and solder joints would also require a teardown, I believe starting with removing the bottom panel.

    Sometimes rough handling in shipment can cause problems with the bulbs, connectors and other workings of this type of unit,... or worse! Your case doesn't sound too bad. With a little effort out of the box, you should be alright! Sure, it's extra effort, but should be worth it. The 312B is a nice mixer!

    Thx for reading my posts. I don't post as long or as much as I used to!
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    I have used a q tip with some head cleaner on it and pushed it into 1/4" jacks that worked sometimes. You might give that a shot on your headphone jack. Cant hurt anything. Unless you forget to turn the unit off first. And dont forget to let it dry couple minutes before turning it back on.

    As far as the lights, I am waiting for the last one to burn out on my 312b so they all match

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