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Thread: MIXER - Tascam MM1 with midi ($45)

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    MIXER - Tascam MM1 with midi ($45)

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    MIXER - Tascam MM1 with midi ($45)
    Vancouver, WA

    Not mine. I just saw the ad on Craigslist.

    Rich Smith
    "Keep it Reel"

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    An excellent mixer, especially for synths.
    I own 2, as I have many hardware synths,...and the EQ. is very usable.

    But, I'd be a little weary about those inputs they speak of in the listing.

    The price tag is too good to be true.
    Looks to be in excellent condition, has the attatched armrest, and
    rack ears that most people take off.
    I'm not so sure about what they're sayin' about the input problem.

    I'd pass.

    "The bottom line is your ears...if it sounds good the way you are doing it then don't let me, or anybody tell you you are doing it "wrong". - sweetbeats

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