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Thread: mix to 440 or a tascam?

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    Peck Guest

    mix to 440 or a tascam?

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    Would you guys rather mix down to an Ampex 440 or a Tascam 32 (or something similar tascam 42, etc.)

    Assuming both are in good condition all around.

    I own a 440 that needs some work, but I am wondering if I should skip the repair hassle with the 440 and buy a Tascam in good shape.

    Any opinions would be appreciated.

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    What type/ configuration of 440 do you have and what would it need to make it "right"? The Ampex 440 is a nice machine, but is getting rather long in the tooth. The Tascam machines are likely to be newer and have later/ cleaner versions of electronics, and possibly on board noise reduction.

    I am not sure sonically which one would be better. It probably comes down to what the investment for either type machine may be.

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    Yeah, kinda what he said...different animals, and I'm not sure I can give an objective opinion at this fact I know I can't.

    I own the 440-8 and a Tascam 58, also a BR-20T, but my experience with the BR-20T is very limited and the 440-8 isn't going yet.

    If I had a 440-2 I think I would still be using the BR-20T. With the 3rd timecode track it fits my needs better, and it is clearly a more advanced transport (full logic, servo system etc.) But if it came down to how it sounded when stacked up to a 440 that's what would make the final call, and I have no way of offering an opinion yet. It may depend on the source material too.

    Sorry I can't be of more help.

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    Peck Guest
    it is a 440b 2 channel that probably has all sorts of weird problems. I bought it from a guy a while back, and I remember it would play tape, but if I remember correctly the meters may not have been working, it definitely was not recording when I tried (don't know if that has something to do with the matching transformers, which I now have but didn't at the time) The heads appear to be in fairly good shape.

    He actually gave me another 440 with electronics in the purchase, but said the second one wasn't working, but I could use it for parts. Which is exactly what I intended on doing.

    They are in the shop as we speak. I just took it to the local reel to reel guy a second ago. To be honest I don't like messing with these things a whole lot, if I can pay a local repair guy a fair price to do it for me. call me lazy, but I just get very frustrated when all I really want to do is record.

    Anyway, he said he is going to try and get one of them running for me, so we'll see what happens. I hope he comes through for me.

    But, that thing is definitely vintage, like dirt old vintage. So, if he can't make something happen for me, I may be looking into a tascam of some sort... like a 32 or 42. I bought a 246 because of this board, and I freaking love that thing. It sounds really good and is reliable, and easy to use. Perfect for what I am doing.

    So in reference to the source... the 246 is the source. Eventually I will probably get a 1/2" 8 track or 1" 16 track... but for now I'm keeping it simple. thanks again

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