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Thread: Line Mixers with Passthrough? Terminology?

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    Post Line Mixers with Passthrough? Terminology?

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    I was enjoying a relaxing Saturday yesterday reading through the Tascam M520 manual. (I guess that makes me a bit of a geek...) In the section talking about CUE mixes they mention using the Tascam M-1B line mixer to extend the number of Cue mixes you could easily generate. At first I thought that sounded like a crazy complicated method to make that happen, but when I looked up the M-1B it all made sense.

    The Tascam M-1B line mixer has a row of inputs, followed by a row of outputs that are basically 'pass-through' plugs on the mixer. The mixer does, of course, sum the inputs into a mix available on headphone jacks or via a pair of outputs but any changes made to volume and pan on the mixer have no effect on the 'pass-through' outputs. You could chain together a series of these M-1B mixers for virtually unlimited CUE mixes. That's a genius design! It was like a light bulb going off above my head!

    Now... does anyone still make a mixer like that? Are there other 'vintage' line mixers with the same feature set? How could I search for a mixer with that feature? Would it be called 'pass-through' or something else? (It seems almost like 'half-normally' on a patchbay) It's I've looked at a few online today plus the backs of the rackmount mixers I have and none have this 'pass-through' feature. The Tascam M-1B and Teac M-1 are hard to come by so it would be nice if I could find something a little newer or more common...

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    M1B's are available and are great units. Search in Google and some should pop up.

    Minor upgrades to P/S caps makes a huge difference as well.

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