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Thread: Just an idea...

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    Just an idea...

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    I'm working on starting a podcast which is mainly centered around unsigned bands, both locally and abroad. I'm aware that there are thousands of podcasts which throw in their respective local bands, but I have a different idea, but I won't get into that at the moment.

    What's this have to do with analog you ask? A) I'm recording them with the 424mkII and B) I'm curious if any of you would be willing to either record or write a "tip of the week", of sorts, which would revolve around analog recording. It's a stretch, I know, and some of you are looking at this post; wondering what particular type of crack I'm smoking. Times are tough, I had to go for the generic stuff.

    A buddy of mine and I started a podcast last year and we recorded to the 424mkII, and then I pulled it into the computer to convert to mp3. I realize that the analog characteristics are lost upon the mp3, but I want "hard copy", not some phantom 0s and 1s for my master.

    Okay, let me have it. Sound like a workable idea or should I change my source of crack?
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    I'd help if you send me some of that generic stuff..........No really I'll help.

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