(I will preface this with: if this is in the wrong category I apologize but let me know in the future where such threads should go)

So I have this Tascam 38 and M-308 mixer that I've been hanging on to and really don't use. The mixer, besides one of the tape input channels, works fine. The 38 on the other hand, is problematic, has been taken apart and re-soldered, VU bulbs replaced, oscillator card replaced, etc... and it still only half works it seems. I don't want to bother with it. I'm way to busy for that to be a project and I'm no longer interested in it. So, I was thinking of selling it and the mixer locally with full caveat.

Can you guys give me an idea of what one would pay for an assumed parts deck? What about the 308 mixer?

I don't care if they go cheap, honestly.. I really just want to re-coup something and not have them taking up space when someone else may be interested in them.