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Thread: Ideal 16/24 track and mixer combo?

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    Peck Guest

    Ideal 16/24 track and mixer combo?

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    I was wondering what your guys ideal setup would be for an all analog, of course , studio with 16 or 24 track tape recorder and mixer....

    Just curious to see who likes what, if you care to chime in.

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    I feel like I already have it albeit in 8-track...prototype Tascam M-500 mixer and my choice of a full Tascam 58-OB outfit (with 2 DX-4D's, RC-51 full-function remote and ES-50/51 synchronizer in CS-607 rack), or the 1" 8-track Ampex AG-440...funny...they're all in process and torn apart right now though...

    But I suppose if it was my pick of a 16 ~ 24 track setup and money wasn't an option (i.e. I could afford the gear, 2" tape and all that goes with that ) it would be an Ampex MM-1200 2" 16-track or MCI JH-16 two-track and a 500 or 600 series MCI console...I just think that stuff is really incredibly neat. The engineering is tops. From a more contemporary offering I also really like the Toft consoles.

    But in all humble honesty I really have no "desire" to have any of those things. I think I'd be just as happy to spend a day in a control room with them just to hear their noises and feel the operation of them. What I have is more than I can handle or do good with anyway, not that that was what you were asking. I'm having an easier time seeing that I'm living the dream when my 4-year-old and I play with the 424 mkII and the $5 dynamic mics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetbeats View Post
    From a more contemporary offering I also really like the Toft consoles.

    I think I'd be just as happy to spend a day in a control room with them just to hear their noises and feel the operation of them.

    I almost bought a 636. Wonderful console. And it was perfect. But I knew that it was about time for a recap.

    If you ever come to Virgina Beach you can come by and hear the Toft anytime. But I suppose there are quite a few of them in your part of the world.


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    Nothing to go by, other than literature, photos and word of mouth but my ideal setup would probably be an MCI 2" 16 track and a matching MCI console.

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    Well I'm happy with my Tascam ATR-60 1" 16 trk and would be happier if I could figure out why my S/craft Spirit Studio console keeps "losing" the LH master channel..............I've been managing to work around the problem but damn, I'd like to get it sorted. I've got a mate with a similar ATR who wants me to buy it but $$$ aren't available to throw around although it would be nice to see two of them with reels spinning in synch

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    Quote Originally Posted by cjacek View Post
    Nothing to go by, other than literature, photos and word of mouth but my ideal setup would probably be an MCI 2" 16 track and a matching MCI console.
    We had an MCI 24 track @ the old Pasadena installation mated with a custom built Spectra Sonics style console. Nice combination but I'm still lusting for a Sony MPX3036 which was the last analog board designed by MCI.
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    Arrow ...

    I had big aspirations at one time, so I got a Tascam MS-16 1" reel & M-520 mixer in combination,... plus an MSR-24 at some previous time,... but for various reasons I've not fully implemented either setup or done any real production work with them. Go figure. My life's funny like that sometimes, but I'm happy in general with the hardware.

    I'd scoped a Tascam ATR-80/24 2" reel for future purchase at one time, but in respect to the previous paragraph, I've gone luke warm on the idea lately. Better to fully utilize the 1" reels I already have,... plus I don't have the scratch for a 2" setup at the moment.

    As an ironic aside, I've found in the turnaround that most of my inspiration lies in the 4~8-track realm, and I've never really shifted mental "gears" to up my productions to 16- or 24-track, despite having the hardware,... all future/TBD, so again go-figure.

    One hinderance to my original 24-track aspirations was the amount of cabling it required to set it up completely. That may be a weak excuse or incidental to other issues, but it's a real concern. My 16-track setup came with a large box of tangled wires that was formerly the interconnect and patch bay, but I've not ventured to implement it either,... tho' it's all quality Canare cable with Neutrik connectors. It could easily take half a day to unbox and untangle the whole mess!

    I've found I've always gotten really enthusiastic about ideas in their inception stages, but often I run out of steam in the implementation stages, and the 4-track or 8-track fits my ideas in a matter of expedience and convenience. My recording projects and output is a lot less than it used to be, too, as an additional factor.

    My story is not typical. Pay no mind to it, but my vote is for the MS-16 or MSR-24 (1"-R/R) with an M-520 mixer. The hardware is of suitable quality in my opinion, tho' my motivation may not be in place to capitalize on it/TBA.

    A nice upgraded console (from the M-520) would be a Tascam M-600, if you could find one.

    At certain times I've contemplated scrapping it all for the Tascam 2488, but.... NAAAAAWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!
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    Peck Guest
    thanks for all the responses guys. it's great to hear what everyone's unique taste is with gear.

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    Peck Guest
    i had never looked at the MCI consoles before. those things are pretty cool looking.

    I think I would probably go with the Tascam ATR-60 16 for the multi track, and then I have no idea which way I would go on the console. I would want one that sounded good and worked. to be technical.

    of course, a studer a827 24 trk 2 inch would be pretty sweet if money was no option

    I don't even have any idea how much those things cost if they are in good shape. probably more than all my assets combined.

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    Peck Guest
    ampex atr-124 would be sweet too

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