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Thread: Hey Zee: About Idler Wheel

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    Hey Zee: About Idler Wheel

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    I was just wondering about that fix of the portastudio idler wheel you did a while back. How has that rubber facet washer held up so far?

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    Huh! I just had to get the dust cover off and check it out. I didn't use the machine much really. Just played with it for a while after fixing it up and since then it was just sitting there.
    So I've just checked it out, play ff rw - everything looks/sounds good and spins smoothly.
    Why are you asking? What's up?
    I guess it would be cool to know how this substitute would hold under heavy use. But it ain't gonna happen here in my lab I am a conservative user lately.
    Also, my machine is 244, I thought you have 246 now (?), do 244 and 246 have the same transport "system" ?
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