Hi. Iím a newbie and Iíve acquired an Akai 4000ds mk1 in reasonable and complete condition. This is my first r2r tape deck.Iím no stranger to restoring turntables and any other mechanical devices. Iím retired so itís my hobby. When I tested the deck the rewind would not lock into position. When I removed the face plate I noticed a ball bearing,loose, adjacent to the rewind switch. I removed the cam but canít see where it would fit! Iím assuming it has something to do with locking the switch. All the linkages seem ok but it wonít lock!
The heads look fine after cleaning and it plays great. I havenít tried recording yet.
Iíd love to get this machine running correctly, so if anyone could point me in the right direction I would be grateful.
Any information about lubrication of the motor would also be appreciated.