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Thread: Getting analog?

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    Getting analog?

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    Well, I have been building my studio (mostly digitally) but I also started buying a few analog stuff to compensate that a little bit. So far what I have is:
    1 Nady RSM-2 Ribbon Microphone
    1 Art Tube Pre-Amp
    1 Tascam 414 mkII cassette recorder

    Suggestions? Ideas for upcoming (non millonaire) investements?
    I have seen reel to reel tapes on ebay ridicoulsy cheap (like this one)
    Do that machinery you buy used on ebay works good?
    If I buy one of those (in the far future) it would have to be at least of 8 tracks I think. So anyone can recommend a cheap/good 8 track model?
    Also with that kind of oldie stuff, how do you handle technical service? (or how would you if you lived in Bolivia)

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    I'd say condition of machine and safe shipping are most important than the actual makes / models. I don't like to buy sight unseen and rather do local deals but that may be a challenge for someone who lives in Bolivia.

    Many recorders need servicing, even if it's minor and, again, safe shipment is always a concern - too many get smashed due to insufficient packing.

    If I made up my mind to have something shipped, and I knew what I was getting into, then I'd have it boxed, strapped to a skid and sent freight. IMHO, that's the only way to do it for heavier stuff.

    As far as the popular stand alone 8 tracks, there's the TEAC 80-8, TASCAM 38, 48, 58, TSR-8 and the always interesting, all in one unit, the TASCAM 388.

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