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Thread: Fostex G24S Meter Problem

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    Not sure what tool you are using to remove them, as that is often the difficulty with surface mount components, not to damage the board.
    When I recapped my console, I spent the extra bucks for a Hakko FR-300, and it was worth every penny. It does such a clean, fast job, with little chance of board damage. Highly recommended over the old-school way with a manual solder sucker, etc...when there's a lot to do.
    What's also great is it leave your other hand free, because the gun does two jobs at once.

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    These are very early surface mount capacitors which look like a standard capacitor mounted in a plastic block with extra tabs on them to fix the block to the board. Removing them is pretty easy - just heat up the tab and lift the block and then heat up each lead in turn to remove them. The biggest headache is cleaning all the residue from the leaking electrolyte and making sure that the pads are clean enough for the new solder to stick.

    It is fairly easy to bend the leads to shape with the new capacitors and solder them - things went much faster after I'd done a few last night.
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