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Thread: Does fader lube work (and what brand??)

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    Does fader lube work (and what brand??)

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    I have an ARP Avatar (Odyssey without keys basically) that has very very stiff sliders. The seller said he squirted something in them, but they stick like all get out and have since I bought it in the mid 90s. Replacing them isn't a project I really want to undertake. I have another ARP of the same vintage, that doesn't stick, so I'm sure it's something that guy did. Suggestions welcome.

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    Cailube always used to be the stuff to use but Caig have rebranded some of their products so it now goes under the name of Deoxit Faderlube. Don't confuse this with the standard Deoxit which doesn't lubricate.

    Personally I use Servisol Super 10 but I don't know if that is sold in the US.
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    Keep in mind that some faders shouldn't get lubed...or sometimes it's the other way around, cleaning with the wrong product removes the lubricant.

    For non-lubricated faders, I've used the Caig DeOxit D100L...which has no solvent in it, like the DeOxit D5 does. It cleans, and leaves a very light film which acts as a lubricant. I've never used their fader lube, because it's only for specific faders that need that specialized lubricant.

    These days...I use the Caig stuff primarily for contact cleaning...jacks, plugs and some switches...but for more critical cleaning, including faders...these days I prefer to use a product I discovered a few years ago called Contact Re-Nu & Lube, MS-738 from Miller-Stephenson. Its not easy to find, and it cost quite a bit more than the Caig D100L, which isn't cheap either...but the MS-738 is superior to the Caig stuff, has less detrimental effects, and is intended for delicate electronics (they use this stuff for hearing aid cleaning of contacts). It leaves no obvious residue, but it cleans great and there is a thin lubricant that doesn't over lube faders, like some lubes can.

    I pro studio guy turned me on to the MS-738...and he said he's used it on everything, and you could spray it on liberally...unlike the Caig Deoxit which you need to use very lightly, as it will leave a gunky mess if over applied. With the Caig apply it to clean, and then you wipe it off...and leave the smallest amount on the contact points.

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